Workshops and Teaching
I teach both Landscape Photography and Nature Photography as part of the Art Photography Certificate at Mohawk College. Learn more about the certificate program HERE.
I also offer workshops and one-on-one training opportunities from the basics of photography, to specific topics, such as waterfall and bird photography.
Basics of Photography
A full day of one-on-one or small group training to learn the basics. ​
Topics covered include:
     1. Gear
     2. The Exposure Triangle
     3. Basics of Light
     4. Composition Tips
     5. What to do with your shots?
The day can be totally general, or lean towards a type of style of photography you are interested in (landscapes, birds, macro, street, etc)
Hamilton Waterfall Workshop

A one-day one-on-one or small group workshop learning how to effectively photograph the many waterfalls in the Hamilton Area.
Start with an early morning shoot at one of the local falls, learning tips about shooting as we go along. Then take a mid-morning break for more specific teaching. Follow this with another shoot later in the day at a second falls in the area.
Topics covered will include gear, composition, when to shoot, and post-processing tips.
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